Using SNMP to Manage and Control Remote Power Switching and Reboot Functions

The task of managing network equipment located at remote branch offices presents an entirely different set of challenges than are normally encountered in general network management applications. For one thing, the ability to monitor conditions and events at the remote branch office is typically much more critical than it would be in an application where a local administrator is available to keep an eye on power supplies, phone lines and other factors in person. For another thing, branch office management often requires a degree of conformity between the various branch office sites on the corporate network; user access rights and passwords need to be the same at each site, and similar devices at each branch office must also be similarly configured.

In most cases, an SNMP based enterprise management solution, such as Solarwinds or WhatsUp Gold, generally provides the best way to ensure that network equipment racks at each branch office are adequately monitored and alarmed and that user accounts and similar devices are uniformly configured at each branch office site on the network. The principle advantage of an SNMP based solution is that so many modern network devices support SNMP that network administrators can generally rest assured that most of the devices at their branch offices will be compatible with the enterprise management solution.

WTI’s RSM-8R Series Power + Console Hybrids provide large network administrators with a versatile tool that easily integrates into their existing SNMP based enterprise management solution, plus provides a convenient assortment of capabilities that help to simplify the process of managing network devices at remote branch offices. In addition to allowing remote access to console ports on network devices at remote branch offices and remote power switching and reboot control, the RSM-8R also includes extensive monitoring and alarm functions, plus power fallback/redundancy features for mission critical applications.

rsm-8r power + console hybrid

When the RSM-8R Series Power + Console Hybrid detects critical events and conditions such as high rack temperatures, instable power supply conditions, dead modem phone lines and other noteworthy circumstances at the branch office, the RSM-8R can send an SNMP trap to your enterprise management program in order to alert administrators at your central network support facility. This provides tech support personnel and network managers with a clearer picture of conditions at the remote site, and helps to both avert potential problems and plan for future equipment needs.
In cases where a device at the branch office malfunctions or fails to respond, the RSM-8R can also help to restore the device to normal operation. The RSM-8R’s ability to provide remote access to console port functions on network devices at the branch office enables administrators to change configuration parameters on remote network elements and check device status at distant locations without leaving the central office. Remote power switching and reboot capabilities allow network managers to easily reboot stubborn devices at the branch office or disable or enable distant devices by switching power to the device Off or On. These functions can either be controlled on demand via the RSM-8R’s web browser interface or CLI interface, or controlled using SNMP commands generated by your enterprise management solution.

The RSM-8R Series Power + Console Hybrid is also ideal for applications that require a power fallback/redundancy solution. Some RSM-8R models include dual power inlets, plus built in failover capabilities that allow the unit to automatically switch between a primary power supply and a secondary, back-up power supply in the event that either power supply becomes unstable or fails. If the RSM-8R detects problems with either power supply, the unit can provide switchover times as brief as eight to 12 microseconds, and can also send an SNMP trap to your enterprise management system in order to keep technical staff at the central office informed of possible power problems at the branch office.

When a vital network device at a remote branch office malfunctions and disrupts network services, network administrators need a reliable, economical means to get that network element up and running again as quickly as possible, plus notify the corporate enterprise management program that a problem has been detected. WTI’s RSM-8R Series Power + Console Hybrids offer an effective solution for detecting and dealing with problems at faraway branch offices and remote network sites that also provides monitoring and alarm functions, power fallback capabilities and full compatibility with SNMP based enterprise management programs.

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