Windows Tweaker 4 Released, Now Windows 8 Compatible

This looks like a handy tool for Windows users who need to custom tailor the Windows interface to fit their computing needs …

The program formerly known as Windows 7 Tweaker is no more, it is now known as Windows Tweaker. Its developer has just released version 4.0 of the software that Windows users can use to tweak certain features and parameters of their operating system. Windows Tweaker 4.0 supports all client side Windows systems from Windows XP up to the soon to be released Windows 8.

The program ships with a new user interface, that displays the available tweaking sections in tabs in the window header, and the actual tweaks below that. Please note that you will see UAC prompts during installation and start of the application on newer versions of Windows.

windows tweaker 4.0

The following 11 groups are listed in the program:

  • System – Make changes to OEM information, Windows Installer, Registration, and Shutdown of the operating system.
  • Explorer – Enable or disable the notification area, set how drives and letters should be displayed, hide or show libraries in Windows Explorer, and configure many advanced Explorer related settings.
  • Display – Configure select display settings, the window switcher, selection colors and whether you would like to see an arrow in shortcut icons.
  • Right-click – Configure the send to menu, add custom programs to the right-click, and add or remove select entries in the Windows Explorer right-click menu.
  • Places – Select a default open with program for unknown extensions, and files without extensions, and customize the open with program here. Also lets you define the default power button action.
  • Tasks – Schedule actions like shutdown, and configure special hiding and special folder name options
  • Features – Configure autoplay and Windows Update, the administrator account, system beeps and the Windows DVD burning feature
  • Logon – Configure auto login and security related log on settings, as well as startup sounds and messages, and other startup related settings.
  • Restrictions – Disable certain features in the operating system
  • Maintenance – Links to maintenance related tools, with options to unload unused dlls, run a boot defragmentation, or configure auto reboot settings.
  • Utilitie – Links to Windows tools that you can use to configure and manage the operating system further.

It is advised to create a system restore point first before making any changes to the system. This is not done automatically by the program, and you need to click on the create System Restore point link in the program interface, or from within Windows, to do so.

As far as changes go in version 4.0, you find that the author has added several new tweaks to the program. I suggest you check the change log on the developer site to find out more about the changes. The program itself runs on all 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows, from XP all the way up to Windows 8. Please note that it requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 on the system.

All in all not a bad program if you are into tweaks and all that stuff. 

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