Adobe Flash Update 11.3.300.262 Said to Fix Firefox Issues

Adobe has released a new update that (hopefully) addresses some of the Firefox conflicts that the previous update caused …

When Adobe shipped an update of its Flash Player earlier this month, reports began to emerge by Firefox users that something was not right. Some users reported issues on popular mostly Flash-driven websites such as YouTube, while others experienced crashes and freezes in the browser. Both Mozilla and Adobe offered troubleshooting tips for Firefox users who were affected by those issues.

Some issues seem to have been caused by incompatibilities with RealPlayer’s Firefox add-on, which users were able to resolve by disabling or uninstalling the add-on in the browser. Crashes and freezes on the other hand were not that easy to resolve, and many users decided to turn off the new Protected Mode feature for Firefox that Flash shipped with in that release.

Today’s Flash Player update to version 11.3.300.262 is said to fix the issues that Firefox users are experiencing with Flash contents in the web browser. The latest version of Flash is already available for download at Adobe’s official Flash download site, and also as a direct offline installer from Macromedia’s ftp server.

Firefox users who have disabled Protected Mode to resolve the issues that they experienced with Adobe Flash Player are asked to turn the feature on again. Most users have disabled Protected Mode in the mms.cfg file that they have placed in the Flash folder on the system. Just remove the ProtectedMode = 0 line from that file to turn Protected Mode back on.

Adobe has not released a change log yet, and it is not clear at this point in time whether the update fixes all Flash Player related issues in Firefox, or if some issues have not yet been addresses in the update.

It is interesting to note that Adobe is still listing the previous version, 11.3.300.257 as the latest version on the majority of its pages.

flash player versions

It is likely that Adobe is currently in the process of updating the pages, and that a changelog will be posted eventually today as well.

Please let us know if the update fixes issues that you have experienced in the Firefox web browser, or if the issues have remained after installation. (via Techdows)

Update: Adobe has posted the change log which confirms that it fixed crashes that Firefox users experienced when viewing flash contents on Windows. The audio distortion that some users experienced is still listed as a known issue.

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