Internet Explorer 10 Tech Improvements

Looks like there’s a new version of IE on the horizon. Hopefully, they didn’t mess with the interface too much …

Microsoft is currently working on the next iteration of its Internet Explorer web browser, IE10, which the company aims to ship with the Windows 8 operating system that is said to be released in the fourth quarter of 2012. Internet Explorer 10 at that time will be integrated into the operating system in two different versions, a regular desktop browser and a Metro browser that is limited and minimalistic. The browser furthermore will also be available for the Windows 7 operating system.

With yesterday’s release of the Windows 8 Release Preview came a refresh of the Internet Explorer 10 browser which Microsoft announced on the official Internet Explorer blog.

internet explorer 10

The biggest changes in the release are the following:

  • Do Not Track enabled by default – Sends a do not track header to websites by default to improve privacy
  • Native Flash integration – This is the first release with a native integration of Adobe’s Flash technology
  • Improved performance
  • Improved standards support.

Lets take a look at some of the tech improvements / performance improvements in the web browser.

  • Internet Explorer 10 scores 100/100 in the Acid 3 test


  • The browser scores 319 and 6 bonus points in the HTML5 Test. That’s an increase of almost 200 points in comparison to Internet Explorer 9, but still trailing browsers like Google Chrome or Maxthon by about 100 points. Still, a big leap for users of the browser. The score however is only 5 points higher than that of the Internet Explorer 10 Preview 5 version.

internet explorer 10 html5

  • SunSpider beating Google Chrome. The result of the SunSpider test was surprising, as IE10 managed to run the test in 123ms, while Google Chrome 19 ran the test in 155ms.

sunspider ie10

These benchmarks and tests can be used as indicators that Microsoft has improved the browser, especially when it is compared to previous versions of Internet Explorer 10. I personally would not really look to hard at the numbers, as they are not everything that counts. Internet Explorer 10 does however feel snappier than previous versions of the browser, which is probably the biggest thing that counts in the end.

Have you tried Internet Explorer 10 yet? If so, what is your impression of the browser?

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