The Intelligent ATS – Power Redundancy and Remote Power Management in One Compact Package

Power redundancy is an important factor for any critical network application. When your primary power supply fails, a well-planned power redundancy solution can save the day by ensuring that vital network elements can quickly fallback to a secondary power source without interfering with network communication or disrupting user access to important network services.

If the network application includes only dual power inlet devices, then a workable power redundancy solution is relatively easy to implement, but if your application includes single power inlet devices, then an ATS device is required. The only potential drawback here is that an ATS uses up valuable rack space, and in smaller network equipment installations where rack space is limited, that can definitely be a problem.

In order to get maximum functionality out of limited rack space, it makes sense to choose an intelligent ATS unit that can provide additional capabilities, beyond simple power fallback. WTI’s new NPS-8H20-ATS Series Intelligent ATS helps administrators to maximize the value of limited rack space by proving a reliable power redundancy solution that also supports remote reboot and power switching capabilities, plus advanced monitoring and alarm functions all in a single, compact 1-U device.

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