Chrome: Get Notified About Unapproved Extension Installations

This sounds like a particularly useful extension for security conscious Chrome users …

Unauthorized installation of extensions is not something that only Google Chrome users face but the Google browser, unlike Firefox, is currently haunted by the mysterious Settings Protector extension that auto-installs itself in the browser. It is not clear where the extension comes from and what its purpose it, but it is likely that it gets installed as part of a software installation or update on the system. We can’t rule out security exploits on the other hand yet.

The Chrome extension Extensions Update Notifier has been updated by its author Francois Beaufort to notify Chrome users when extensions are installed without proper authorization in the browser. The extension monitors the installed extensions for changes and informs you whenever extensions get installed that you did not approve of in first place. Approval in this regard means installed in person directly in the browser.

When that happens, you see a notification at the bottom right of the screen that informs you about that. The extension name is displayed here with options to keep the extension enabled or disable it.

unwanted extensions chrome

Unfortunately though, it does not come with options to disable extensions installed this way automatically, which means that the unapproved extension will be enabled in the browser for some time before you get the chance to disable it. Still, the notification itself is useful as it reduces the time between the third party extension installation and the moment you realize that something like that happened in the browser.

The core purpose of the extension is to inform you about extension updates. If a changelog is available, you not only get the information that an extension has been updated automatically in the browser, but also information about what has changed with the update.

Extensions Update Notifier is quite the useful extension for Google Chrome users who want to be informed of extension changes in the browser. Even if you do not use extensions at all, you may want to install this one to receive information when extensions are installed without proper authorization in the browser.

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