How to Remove Annotations on YouTube

It’s finally Friday … so here’s something a little bit less business-like; an interesting trick for YouTube users …

YouTube’s annotation feature enables video authors to add annotations to their videos. Annotations can be passive text snippets that you see on the screen or interactive elements that can be clicked on, for instance to advertise a YouTube channel or video, or to provide you with multiple choices how the video that you are watching proceeds.

If you find that annotations are more annoying than doing good, you may prefer to disable them completely on YouTube to avoid having them pop up in every second video that you watch on the site. You basically have two options on how to deal with annotations on YouTube. The first option is to disable the feature in the YouTube settings, the second to install a third party script to have them removed for you when the script is running.

youtube annotations

You probably know that you can disable annotations in your YouTube account. This works when you are logged in on YouTube and watch videos on the site itself, but won’t have an effect on embedded videos that you may be watching on third party sites.

To remove annotations simply open the following YouTube url or go there manually by clicking on your YouTube username on the top right on YouTube, selecting Settings from the menu that opens up, and then Playback under Account settings there.

show annotations

Uncheck Show annotations on videos here and make sure you click on the save button that appears to save the change you have made. Please note that this won’t remove annotations that have been hard coded into the video, only those that have been added using the tools YouTube makes available to video authors.

The option works well if you are always logged in when you watch videos on YouTube, but not at all if you are not. That’s where scripts come into play.

Google Chrome users can install an extension such as Youtube Options for Google Chrome which, among other features, can hide annotations when you watch videos on YouTube.

I could not find a working add-on for the Firefox web browser. While there are some available that claim to remove annotations, like the YouTube Hide Annotations add-on, it turned out that they do not do that at all anymore.

If you are using Opera, you can install the ExtendTube extension for the web browser which, among many other features, can hide video annotations on YouTube.

The extension works only when you are on YouTube and watch the video there. While you can now use the go to YouTube feature on third party pages with embedded videos, you can alternatively install the Embed Tweak userscript to autohide annotations when you watch videos on third party websites that have embedded them on their pages.

Have another trick on how to deal with annotations on YouTube? Feel free to share it in the comment section below. (via Technixupdate)

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