Browse the Internet History of all Browsers Chronologically

I don’t really need to do this, but the fact that it’s possible still fascinates me …

If you are using multiple web browsers on your system you have probably noticed that you cannot browse the history of them all at the same time. Each browser maintains its own history and while you can browse them it or less effectively when it is open, you do not have any means to search your whole browsing history, and with that I mean from all browsers, effectively using any of the browsers installed on the system.

You need to use third party software, like MiTeC’s Internet History Browser which makes them all available. The program supports the five most popular browsers for the Windows operating system: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

All you have to do is download and extract the portable application to run it on your system without installation. You then get options to scan the default browser paths for Internet history traces or browse data stored in previous sessions.

internet history browser

The program displays all visited websites in chronological order for you to browse through. Each entry is listed with the date and time it has been accessed, a browser icon and the page title.

When you select an item, you  also see the website url and the times you have visited it.Here you also have options to open the web page in the default browser, which does not necessarily have to be the browser you visited the site with initially.

It may not always be practicable to browse the history. A search is available at the top that you can use to find particular pages – based on title or url – that you have visited in the past.

The program lacks a couple of features which many Internet users may find useful. You can’t filter results by browser, and there is also no option to delete entries from the browsing history or to add custom paths to the program which you’d need to do for portable software. Last but not least options to export the complete browsing history in standard file formats such as xls or csv would be helpful.


If you use multiple browsers and record the browsing history in all of them, then you may find Internet History Browser useful to search and browse the full history.

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