Eliminate Facebook Ads in Chrome and Firefox

It might be more correct to say, “Eliminate Most Facebook Ads,” rather than all of them, but this is still a neat trick …

Facebook is what many of us would consider a “necessary evil.” We do not necessarily like it, but we are there because everyone we know is there as well. The service is free, supported by ads, which is fine — after all many free sites, including this one, would likely not be able to continue without those ads.

However, somehow it seems that Facebook ads just have a way of being more annoying than those on other web sites. However, there are ways to block them if you are using either Firefox or Chrome as your web browser.

While there may be apps to handle this, a simple user script is all you need. If you are using Firefox then installing Greasemonkey is the route to take, while if you are on Chrome then Tampermonkey is the best solution, although scripts can be launched in Chrome without its aid.

facebook ads before

If you have either of the aforementioned plugins installed — depending on which browser you are using — then head over to userscripts.org and download and run “Facebook Ad Remover.”

The script has been tested and verified to work with Mac OSX 10.7, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Ubuntu 12.04. While it is likely that it could work with any operating system capable of running either of these two browsers, those are the only “verified” versions.

facebook ad remove after

What does it do?

You can not help but notice the ads down the right side of your Facebook homepage. Running this script will block those ads from appearing, but if you visit your personal page, or those of your friends, you will still see those ads. So, in other words, this is not a complete block, however it does also expand your news feed.

“Removes annoying Facebook Ads, and expands the newsfeed to fill in the space where the ads used to be!”


Facebook Ad Remover makes a great addition to your main page, but I only wish it worked across the entire site. Perhaps that ability can be built into a future version. On the whole, I would still recommend using this script.

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