Survey Shows Most of You Opt to Pay for Your Security

This isn’t too surprising, but it is kind of surprising to see how many folks rely on free anti-virus solutions …

By the title above I did not mean to imply that people are pirating their anti-virus software. While some likely do, there is probably not much that could be worse than running a pirated copy of a program that is designed to protect you and actually trusting it to do so. No in fact, what I meant is that a recent survey shows that most people opt for paid solutions over free ones.

The margin of difference, however, was quite small. The 2013 Security Survey, produced by the independent AV-Comparatives organization shows that 39.6 percent of people worldwide use a paid security suite solution. 37.5 percent opt for one of the free anti-virus programs on the market versus 15.6 percent who purchase stand-alone AV software. Free security suites garnered just 4.4 percent of the results and just 3 percent of us choose to run without security.

Results also varied by region, with Microsoft’s free Security Essentials being the most popular program in North America, while Europe and Asia prefer paid security suites. While the Redmond-based software company had the most popular program in North America, Avast took the title in both Europe and South America, with Kaspersky taking the crown in Asia.

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The survey also looked at variables such as operating system, preferred web browser, mobile platform and where the person taking the survey was located. The majority, 43.8 percent of respondents, were from Europe.

Results of those variable showed Firefox edging Chrome as the most popular browser, with Internet Explorer falling far behind both. Not surprisingly, Windows 7 64-bit was far and away the most popular operating system and Android crushed all competitors on the mobile side.

What Do You Use?

Given that Ghacks has a more techie audience than those that made up the majority of the likely respondents in this survey, I am curious to hear what all of you use. I, for one, have not used an anti-virus program in some time, though given that I run Windows 8 on all of my computers, I suppose that is not entirely true since the operating system comes with Windows Defender built-in.

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