You Can Now Remove Ads from All Windows 8 Apps

Tired of being force-fed advertisements every time you open a Windows 8 App? Here’s a trick for getting rid of the ads …

Windows 8 apps can be monetized in different ways. They may require you to pay money up front, use in-app purchases to make money, or display ads instead to you while you are using the applications. The latter is a trade-off between using an application for free while still giving back something to the developer of the application.

The problem with ads however is that they sometimes break the application big time. I have seen my fair share of video apps or games for instance that display banner ads in a way that it is distracting from the original content that the application makes available.

As a content creator of my own, I’m not a fan of ad blockers but can understand users who use them on sites that bombard them with ads, or use ads that are distracting. As far as Windows 8 goes, I have uninstalled more than one application from the operating system because of how ads were displayed in the interface.

The application in this particular case displays the ad on top of the video so that you can’t see part of it at all times. If that is not bad enough, it also refreshes regularly which is disturbing as well.

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A member of the My Digital Life forum has created a script that removes ads from Windows 8 apps. First thing you need to do is take ownership of the installed apps on the Windows 8 system. Once that has been achieved, you need to run the ad remover script which removes advertisement from all installed Windows 8 apps. It is necessary to run the ad removing script again whenever you install new apps that use display ads.

I highly suggest you create a system backup before you run the scripts so that you have the means to restore the system to the prior state in case something goes wrong along the way.

I won’t make use of the script as I think that it is only fair to the developers to reward them for their efforts by keeping the ads displayed in the app window.  What I’d like to see instead though is an option to donate or purchase a pro version of an app to get rid of the advertisement. I’d happily donate a couple of Dollars to developers that create apps that I really like.

What’s your take on this? (via Deskmodder)

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