WTI Releases Dual Ethernet Branch Office Manager

Irvine, Ca, April 17, 2013 – WTI, a leading manufacturer of out-of-band branch office solutions, console servers and remote reboot switches announced today that they have added two new dual Ethernet port models to their line of RSM-8R8 series console plus power control remote site management products.

WTI’s RSM-8R8 series remote branch office solutions allow network administrators to access, troubleshoot, reconfigure or power reboot critical network elements across secure enterprise LAN/WANs. The new RSM-8R8-DE series dual Ethernet units take this functionality a step further; improving the reliability of network communication with remote sites by adding a second Ethernet port.

“WTI’s new RSM-8R8-DE Series Dual Ethernet Console plus Power Combo units are specifically designed for critical remote branch office management applications requiring redundant and fallback connections,” said Dustin Morrison, WTI Marketing Manager. “The dual Ethernet option gives our enterprise customers an additional route of access should their primary or secondary networks fail. Given the importance of a prompt response to problems at remote kiosks and branch offices, it’s absolutely imperative that administrators have constant access to configuration and reboot functions at the remote site in order to make certain that vital devices are up and running and end-users are kept happy.”

“The RSM-8R8-DE gives network engineers the ability to quickly create secure console sessions, control power and provide automatic power redundancy to all branch office devices even when the network is down” Dustin Morrison continued. “A separate IP address can be assigned to each Ethernet port, or both ports can share the same IP address; this provides a perfect fit for both network redundancy and network failover applications.”

The new WTI RSM-8R8-DE Dual Ethernet Branch Office Management units combine all of the following features in a single, compact, 1U package:

  • Dual Ethernet Ports – Improved reliability for network communication.
  • Eight Serial Ports – Access console port configuration functions on remote devices.
  • Eight Switched Power Outlets – Remote power switching and reboot capabilities.
  • Dual Power Inlets with built in ATS – Automatic power fallback to secondary power supply.
  • Powerful Security and Authentication Features – SSHv2 Encryption, Embedded Validated FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Module, HTTPS/SSL Secure Web, LDAP, Kerberos, RADIUS, TACACS+, SSL Web Browser, Multi-Level Subscriber Directory, Password Protection, IP Address Filtering.
  • User-Definable Monitoring, Alarm and Notification Functions – Track temperatures, invalid access attempts, ping response and other factors.
  • SNMP Compatibility – Script driven control of power switching and alarm functions.
  • Outbound SSH – Connect to other network devices via TCP/IP.
  • Port Buffering – Capture and store incoming data such as error and status messages.
  • 3G/4G Modem Compatibility – Out-of-band access via cellular broadband.

For over 45 years, WTI has been a leading innovator in the design and manufacture of remote console management and power control tools for enterprise data centers, remote network equipment sites and other out-of-band management applications. WTI products are designed and manufactured in Irvine, California with partner locations in over 20 countries worldwide.

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