WTI Releases New Vertical Mount Automatic Transfer Switch

Irvine, Ca, May 15, 2013 – WTI (www.wti.com), a leading manufacturer of remote power management, out-of-band branch office solutions and serial console servers has announced the release of a new space-saving, vertical format automatic transfer switch, designed to provide power redundancy for single corded devices in installations where rack space is limited.

PTS-14CM20 vertical mount automatic transfer switch

“The new PTS -14CM20 Vertical Automatic Transfer Switch provides the perfect fit for applications that desperately need power redundancy for single corded devices, yet lack the sufficient rack space to allow installation of a standard, horizontal mount ATS,” said Dustin Morrison, WTI Marketing Manager.

“Adding power redundancy capabilities for single-corded devices is usually a fairly simple proposition. But what if your equipment rack is already crammed full of devices and there just isn’t room for an ATS?” asked Morrison. “In situations like this, a vertical format ATS can be mounted on a rack post or in the rear of the equipment cabinet to provide power redundancy for single cord devices without sacrificing valuable rack.”

The space-saving, vertical format design of the PTS -14CM20 allows you to implement an effective power redundancy strategy in even the most cramped rack environments by eliminating the need to clear rack space for a power transfer switch. Like other products in our PTS series, the PTS-14CM20 helps to minimize operational lapses in applications where brown-outs and power failures often interfere with network continuity. This helps to ensure maximum up-time in critical applications, which is particularly important in mission critical applications where equipment outages are unacceptable.

  • Vertical Format PDU with Multiple Rack Mounting Options
  • Automatic Asynchronous Power Switching
  • Continuous Source Monitoring
  • Robust Out-of-Phase Switching Capability
  • Typical Switching Time: 8-12 milliseconds; 16 milliseconds @ 60 Hz
  • LED Indicators Show Active Power Source
  • C19 Power Outlets with 20 Amp Load Switching

For over 45 years, WTI has been a leading innovator in the design and manufacture of remote console management and power control tools for enterprise data centers, remote network equipment sites and other out-of-band management applications. WTI products are designed and manufactured in Irvine, California with partner locations in over 20 countries worldwide.

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