A Replacement Access Server for the Cisco 2509

Although the Cisco 2509 router/hub does a great job of providing remote access to console port command functions, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find Cisco 2509 units since they were discontinued in 2004. As Cisco 2509 units become more and more rare, network engineers have recognized the need for a replacement for the Cisco 2409, that not only provides an access server solution, but is also readily available in the large quantities needed for network expansion, includes full technical support and also features updated security and authentication capabilities beyond those found on used Cisco 2509 units that date back to 2004 or earlier.

Faced with the rising demand for a Cisco 2509 replacement, WTI has introduced it’s TSM-DPE series access servers which provide the same reliable, efficient remote console port access found on the Cisco 2509. In addition to providing a effective access server solution, the TSM-DPE also includes other features and capabilities that are designed to meet the needs of modern remote network management applications. TSM-DPE units include dual Ethernet ports for communication redundancy, dual power supplies with built in automatic transfer switch capabilities for power fallback, plus support for both SNMP and IP control and configuration and a host of authentication, security and monitoring functions.

The TSM-DPE provides an ideal, drop-in replacement for the Cisco 2509, while also expanding on the type of capabilities that one would have expected from an access server solution back in the year 2004. In addition to the dual Ethernet and dual power supply features discussed previously, the TSM-DPE includes powerful, user-configurable monitoring and alarm features, that can provide prompt notification when high temperatures, power outages, excessive current consumption, unresponsive devices and other critical events are detected at the remote network equipment site. When critical events and conditions are detected at the remote site, the TSM-DPE can automatically notify network administrators via email, text message or SNMP trap to allow the opportunity to correct these conditions before network performance is affected. When excessive rack temperatures or current consumption are detected, the TSM-DPE can also automatically switch off non-critical devices in order to decrease current consumption, or switch on cooling equipment in order to lower rack temperature to acceptable levels.

The TSM-DPE also replaces the confusing, easily-tangled octal cables found on Cisco 2509 units with simple, economical RJ45 cables that are much easier to route and organize. The TSM-DPE is available in both AC and DC variations, and also in 8-port, 24-port and 40-port configurations to provide access to more console ports without taking up additional rack space.

If you’re looking for a convenient, economical, drop-in replacement for the Cisco 2509, the WTI TSM-DPE can provide the ideal solution. The TSM-DPE allows you to expand your remote network management capabilities, while also providing a better picture of exactly what’s going on at your remote network equipment sites and protecting your vital remote network elements from unauthorized access.

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