A Drop-In Replacement for Cisco 2509 Access Servers

If you’re a network engineer, faced with the challenge of replacing Cisco 2509 routers, you should definitely consider the WTI TSM-DPE series access server as a drop-in replacement for the Cisco 2509. Although Cisco 2509 units continue to provide an efficient console access solution, it has become increasingly difficult to find Cisco 2509 units since their discontinuation in 2004. This means that in order to expand remote network management capabilities and provide remote console port access for more and more network devices, a suitable replacement for the 2509 is needed.

The WTI TSM-DPE series provides a perfect drop-in replacement for the Cisco 2509. In addition to providing the same access server capabilities as the Cisco 2509, the TSM-DPE also includes additional features, designed to help network administrators monitor conditions at remote network equipment sites and simplify the process of managing remote network devices. The WTI TSM-DPE includes a versatile assortment of monitoring and alarm functions that can be configured to notify network administrators when high temperatures, power outages, excessive current consumption, unresponsive devices and other critical factors are detected at the remote network equipment site.

In addition to monitoring and alarm functions, the WTI TSM-DPE also includes support for communication and authentication protocols and security features not found on the Cisco 2509. Communication capabilities such as support for both IP and SNMP communication, plus compatibility with authentication protocols such as LDAP, TACACS+ and Radius, plus innovative security features such as IP address filtereing all add up to make the TSM-DPE the perfect replacement for the Cisco 2509. Cabling a TSM-DPE is also much easier than was the case with the Cisco 2509; rather than relying on expensive, easily tangled octal cables (also known as “octopus cables”,) the TSM-DPE access server uses ordinary, economical RJ45 cables, which are available from just about any electronics supply source, and can also be easily assembled as needed.

If you’re faced with the task of meeting the console access needs of a growing network operation, or if you just need to replace aging Cisco 2509 access servers with an access server solution that’s easier to find and fully supported, the WTI TSM-DPE can provide the perfect drop-in replacement solution for the Cisco 2509. In addition to providing efficient, reliable access to remote console ports, the WTI TSM-DPE also goes a step further with advanced communication capabilities, security and authentication features and event monitoring and alarm notification.

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