A Console Access Solution to Replace the Cisco 2509

The Cisco 2509 router/hub has long been a favorite solution for network engineers who need reliable access to console port functions on remote network equipment. In fact, the Cisco 2609 did such a great job of providing remote console access that many network administrators continued to rely on the 2509 even after the product was discontinued in 2004. But now, nine years after the venerable 2509 was discontinued, network managers are faced with a new problem; Cisco 2509 units are getting increasingly difficult to find and in order to support the expanding access needs of a constantly growing network infrastructure, the time has come to find an appropriate replacement for the Cisco 2509 that’s both fully supported and readily available in large quantities.

If you’ve grown to rely on the Cisco 2509 for your remote console access needs, WTI’s TSM-DPE series console access servers can provide a perfect, drop-in replacement for those hard-to-find 2509 units. The TSM-DPE allows quick, reliable access to remote console port command functions, and also includes advanced monitoring, security and control features. In addition to allowing the same secure access to remote console ports as the 2509, the TSM-DPE also includes a powerful assortment of advanced console management features designed to simplify the process of managing remote network equipment and keeping track of events and conditions at the remote site.

The TSM-DPE allows you to monitor rack temperatures, power outage events, ping response, port buffer conditions and other factors at the remote site, and then provide instant notification if any monitored condition exceeds user-defined trigger levels. This allows prompt response when high rack temperatures or unstable communication conditions threaten to disrupt operation at the remote site, and enables network support personnel to take a more proactive approach to network management by addressing these problems before they interfere with network operations.

In addition to monitoring and alarm capabilities, the TSM-DPE also includes an embedded, validated VIPS 140-2 cryptographic module, plus SSHv2 encryption to ensure that communication with remote devices is protected from unauthorized access. To further ensure security, the TSM-DPE also supports both HTTPS and SSL Secure Web, plus popular authentication protocols such as LDAP, Kerberos, RADIUS and TACACS+.

If you’re having a tough time finding enough Cisco 2509 units to meet your remote console access requirements, the WTI TSM-DPE series console access server is the ideal replacement. The TSM-DPE provides a perfect, drop-in replacement for the 2509, plus throws in an impressive compliment of remote management, monitoring and alarm functions to sweeten the deal. TSM-DPE units are available in 8-port, 24-port and 40-port configurations to fit the remote access needs of both large and small network management applications, and are fully supported, regularly updated and ready to ship in any quantity you might require.

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