Automate Repetitive Power Reboot Regression Testing Using Perl Script

Repetitive power on/off regression testing has long served as a powerful tool for product development engineers by providing a reliable means to test a new product’s response to a power reboot. Given the duration of a typical power on/off regression test, and the number of reboots involved, the need to automate is easy to understand; not only does automation provide consistency and continuity in regression testing, but it also eliminates the need for constant human management of the test process. Fortunately, power on/off regression testing can be easily automated using Perl script to drive an advanced power switching product, such as the VMR-16HD20 Outlet Metered PDU.

Implementation of Perl script-driven power reboot regression testing is a relatively simple proposition: the device being tested is connected to a switched PDU such as the VMR-16HD20 and a data collection device is then connected to a serial console port or set-up port on the test device. Once hardware has been set up in this manner, Perl script is sent to the switched PDU in order to initiate each reboot cycle. Each time that a reboot cycle is completed, any error messages or status messages that are generated by the device being tested are then captured by the data collection device for later analysis by product development engineers.

The VMR-16H20 Outlet Metered PDU includes an impressive array of features and capabilities that make it particularly well suited for repetitive reboot regression testing applications. In addition to providing full support for Perl script driven power On/Off switching and reboot functions, the VMR also includes power metering capabilities that allow operators to accurately track the amount of current drawn by each connected device and can detect outlets that have ceased to draw power and outlets that are drawing more than the expected amount of power. Power consumption readings can also be logged and downloaded in XML or ASCII text format. In order to ensure security in applications that require remote communication with the switched PDU, the VMR also features powerful security and authentication capabilities to ensure that control of reboot and switching functions are only available to authorized users.

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