Controlling a Switched PDU with Bash Shell Script

In product development applications, repetitive reboot testing is often used to detect product flaws before the product is released to market. In most cases, this sort of testing involves using a switched PDU to continually reboot the test product, while checking for any error messages and status reports that are generated after each reboot. Since this sort of testing can involve thousands of reboot cycles, it is often helpful to be able to control the switched PDU using Bash Shell Script.

When Bash Shell Script is used to initiate each reboot cycle, this allows the repetitive power reboot test to run without human oversight, freeing lab personnel to perform other tasks and improving the continuity and reliability of the test itself.

The key to successfully implementing Bash Shell Script driven reboot testing, is to choose a switched PDU solution that is capable of responding to Bash Shell Script. Although there are many switched PDU products on the market, not all of them are compatible with Bash Shell script. In addition, some switched PDU’s lack adequate security for remote SSH communication with the unit.

WTI switched PDU’s provide the perfect solution for repetitive power reboot applications that require control by Bash Shell Script. In addition to supporting control by Bash Shell Script, WTI switched PDUs also include state-of-the-art security and authentication features to ensure that communication with a remote switched PDU is secure, plus powerful user-defined monitoring and alarm functions that enable lab personnel to more closely track test conditions and also keep tabs on the responsiveness of the test device.

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