Power On Off Testing Controlled by Python Script

Repetitive power reboot testing provides product developers with an effective means to detect hardware and software problems before a product is released to the general market. In most cases, repetitive power reboot testing involves repeatedly powering a test device off and on over a period of several weeks or even months. Given the repetitive nature of this type of regression testing, and the duration of the test, repetitive power reboot testing is a prime candidate for automation, and the process can be easily automated using Python script to initiate a series power reboot cycles.

The hardware configuration of a repetitive power reboot test is generally fairly simple. The device being tested is connected to a power switching device such as a remote power manager or switched PDU in order to allow repeated power On-Off switching, and then a data collection device is connected to serial console port on the device being tested. In order to automate the process, Python script can then be sent to the remote power manager or switched PDU to initiate each power Off-On cycle.

While this may sound relatively simple, often the trickiest part of the equation is finding a remote power manager or switched PDU that is capable of responding to Python scripts. While there are many different types and models of remote power managers and switched PDUs on the market, not all of them can be controlled by Python script.

WTI’s VMR-16HD20 series Outlet Metered PDUs provide the perfect fit for this type of application. In addition to allowing reboot control by Python script, the VMR also features powerful authentication and security features to ensure that access to power switching functions is secure. The VMR also includes power monitoring capabilities and event and environmental monitoring features that both simplify the process of keeping tabs on the test process, and also supply product developers with other information regarding power consumption, device response and other factors.

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