Remote Network Management Solutions for Pipeline Monitoring Stations

Remote pipeline monitoring applications present a unique challenge to network managers. Given the inaccessible nature of many pipeline sites and the importance of assuring that the pipeline is safe from accidents and tampering, monitoring stations are typically installed at regular intervals along the route of the pipeline to allow remote administrators to keep an eye on conditions at remote pipeline locations.

managing network equipment at remote pipeline monitoring stations

Devices such as temperature sensing equipment, leak detection devices and pressure sensors allow remote personnel to track environmental conditions at remote pipeline sites, while video cameras, motion detectors and other devices are used to track security concerns. These security and monitoring devices are typically linked to a central command center via hard cable network or security network in order to allow pipeline administrators to keep an eye on remote pipelines without the need for a constant, on-site human presence.

Normally, this provides a very effective solution for tracking conditions at remote pipeline sites, but in the event of network problems at a remote monitoring location, network administrators need a means of correcting network malfunctions without time consuming field trips to the remote site. An out-of-band, remote network management solution is vital in this case, because excessive downtime and high field service costs are both unacceptable in pipeline management.

An effective out-of-band management solution for managing network devices at remote pipeline monitoring stations enables pipeline administrators to both quickly reboot unresponsive devices at remote sites, and access console port command functions on remote devices in order to correct problems at the monitoring station without the time or expense of a service call to the remote site. WTI Switched PDU products allow remote managers to control power and reboot functions at the remote site via network, cellular broadband or dial-up communication. Likewise, WTI console server products provide administrators with secure reliable access to console port command functions, allowing devices at remote sites to be diagnosed or reconfigured even when normal network communication is not available.

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