An AB Fallback Switch for Mirrored Network Applications

A well-designed AB Fallback Switch can provide an effective, reliable means to switch back and forth between a primary network path and a secondary network path, without the need to constantly change configuration parameters or reroute IP addresses. Although this capability is very useful in a number of different network applications, it is particularly useful in the case of a mirrored network.

A mirrored network improves network reliability by ensuring that if a network element in your primary network fails and brings the network down with it, network activity can be immediately switched over to a secondary network without inconveniencing users or disrupting network communication. A truly versatile AB Fallback Switch lends itself well to this type of application, or any other application that requires rerouting of analog or digital signals between a common RJ45 jack and a primary RJ45 jack and secondary RJ45 jack.

In addition to performing on demand A/B switching, a full featured AB Fallback Switch should include the ability to automatically switchover from an “A” signal path and a “B” signal path based on factors such as ping response, rack temperature or power outages. Features such as ping response alarms, temperature alarms and power interruption alarms allow an AB Fallback switch to detect conditions that could possibly impact network communication and then either notify system administrators for further analysis, or automatically switch signal path to a back-up system.

WTI’s AFS series AB Fallback switches include an impressive assortment of cutting edge features that simplify remote switching of signal paths and also help provide administrators with a clearer picture of exactly what’s going on in the network equipment rack. In addition to providing full support for SNMP and MIB functions, the AFS also features a ping response monitor with notification and switching capabilities, high and low temperature alarms and a monitor mode that can automatically initiate AB switching in response to signal changes.

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