Control Remote Power Switching and Initiate Reboot Cycles with a Switched PDU

The task of rebooting a problematic network element is fairly simple if the device in question is nearby, but when the unresponsive network element is located in a remote equipment rack, miles away from the central office a simple power reboot can prove to be a bit more of a challenge. If you’re responsible for maintaining remote network equipment, a Switched PDU provides a secure, reliable means to control power switching and initiate reboots at remote sites without the need for a service call.

When a critical network element at a remote site suddenly refuses to cooperate and makes network communication impossible, a simple power reboot is often the fastest way to solve the problem. In cases like this an out-of-band management solution that includes a switched PDU can provide a fast, fool-proof way to reboot a remote device without a service call. An effective out-of-band management solution provides administrators with a means to reboot remote devices even when normal network communication is not available.

When a remote network equipment rack includes a switched PDU with out-of-band management capabilities, administrators can contact the switched PDU using an alternative means such as a secondary network, dial-up connection or satellite communication and then initiate a reboot cycle in order to restore normal communication via primary network. This effectively eliminates the expense and time delays associated with a service call and provides support personnel with a means to deal with emergencies at the remote site immediately, without waiting for the field service team to arrive on site.

In addition to providing remote reboot capabilities and remote power On Off switching control, a full-featured switched PDU also helps network administrators to keep better track of conditions at the remote site. Features such as temperature alarms, ping response monitoring, power cycle alarms and current consumption alarms enable administrators to keep track of critical conditions and events at the remote site, and allow a more proactive approach to remote network management by making it possible for support personnel to detect the signs of upcoming problems before they get out of hand.

A well designed switched PDU can also lend itself to other applications besides remote network management. Switched PDUs are often found in product test labs in power reboot regression test applications, and can also be used to deactivate non-essential devices at remote sites when temperatures or power consumption levels rise above acceptable levels. In fact, a switched PDU can help to simplify just about any application that involves switching power at a remote site.

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