Control Repetitive Reboot Test Applications using Teraterm Script

During product development, repetitive power reboot testing is often used to detect software bugs and hardware problems before a new product is released to the general market. Although repetitive power reboot tests are very effective in identifying software flaws and other problems, it is also a time consuming process that can last for days, weeks or even months. In order to free lab personnel from the task of constantly monitoring the test procedure, Teraterm script can be used to automate the repetitive power reboot test procedure.

In a typical repetitive power reboot regression test, the device being tested is connected to both a switched PDU and a data collection device. The function of the switched PDU is to initiate a series of power reboots, while the data collection device is used to capture any status messages or error reports that might be generated as each reboot cycle is completed. Rather than assigning lab personnel to constantly monitor the test procedure and manually invoke each reboot cycle, the entire process can be managed via Teraterm script … providing that the switched PDU is able to respond to Teraterm script commands.

WTI’s VMR series Outlet Metered Switched PDUs are well suited to automated repetitive reboot test applications. In addition to fully supporting control via Teraterm script, VMR switched PDUs also offer powerful security and authentication features to ensure that power control functions are protected from unauthorized access, plus an assortment of versatile monitoring and alarm functions that allow test personnel to be kept constantly aware of conditions and events in the test application, without the need to physically oversee each reboot cycle.

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