Controlling a Switched PDU with Linux Shell Script

The ability to use Linux Shell Script to control power and reboot switching at a remote switched PDU can prove very useful in a number of different applications. For example, in repetitive reboot regression testing, Linux Shell Script can be used to control a switched PDU in order to automate the test procedure, reducing human interaction with the test procedure and improving the consistency and continuity of test results.

Repetitive power reboot testing is often a very important element of the product development cycle. Before a new network device is released to market, product engineers can employ repetitive power reboot testing to check for hardware and software flaws, and to determine exactly how the device will react when rebooted in a real world application.

For the most part, repetitive power reboot testing is relatively simple. The device being tested is connected to both a switched PDU and a data collection device. During testing, the switched PDU is used to initiate power on-off and reboot cycles, and the data collection device then captures any status reports or error messages that are generated by the test device upon completion of each reboot cycle.

In order to streamline the test procedure and ensure that reboot cycles are continuously initiated according to schedule, Linux Shell Script can be sent to the switched PDU either locally via console port, or remotely via SSH. Since a power reboot regression test can often last for weeks or even months, the use of Linux Shell Script to control the test procedure frees lab personnel from the repetitive task of manually initiating each reboot cycle, ensures that reboots are performed at regular intervals, and that the test process can run uninterrupted, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The key to a successful Linux Shell Script driven repetitive reboot test, is a switched PDU that can be controlled using Linux Shell Script. All WTI switched PDU products support Linux Shell Script and provide the perfect solution for Linux Shell Script driven power regression testing. In addition to allowing power on off and reboot switching to be initiated by Linux Shell Script, WTI Switched PDUs also include a powerful assortment of state of the art security and authentication features, plus innovative event monitoring functions that enable test engineers to keep better track of the test procedure without actually physically visiting the test lab.

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