Power Reboot Regression Testing Managed by Procomm Script

In product development lab applications, such as power reboot regression testing, it is often helpful to be able to control power reboot switching via Procomm script. In addition to providing test engineers with a simple, reliable means to ensure the regularity of each reboot cycle and the continuity of the test process, the ability to control power On Off switching using Procomm script also helps to ease or eliminate the need for constant human supervision of the test.

In a typical script-driven repetitive power reboot test application, the device being tested draws power from a switched PDU which can initiate power reboot cycles in response to Procomm script. The console port or set-up port on the device being tested is connected to a data collection device in order to capture any error reports or status messages that are generated when the device is powered Off and then back On again. This type of testing enables development engineers to easily determine how the device will react to repetitive reboot cycles and helps to detect software and hardware problems before the device is released to the general market.

The use of Procomm script to drive the reboot process helps to ensure that each power Off On cycle is performed according to schedule, and that the test is allowed to run continually without human intervention, often 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Given the fact that this type of test can run for several weeks or even months, it is imperative that the test can run without constant human supervision in order to cut costs and free lab personnel for more important duties.

The most critical element in an effective script-driven repetitive power reboot test application is the presence of a switched PDU that can be easily controlled by Procomm script. WTI Switched PDU products support Procomm scripting in order to provide a perfect solution for this type of power regression testing. In addition to providing remote or local control of the power reboot process using Procomm script, WTI Switched PDUs also include additional features such as advanced security and authentication capabilities and event monitoring functions that can further simplify the test procedure and help test engineers to keep better track of the test process.

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