Power Transfer Switch – Add Power Fallback Capabilities to Single Power Inlet Devices

While power redundancy is obviously an important factor in any mission critical application, many administrators choose to do without a power redundancy solution due to the costs associated with replacing existing single power inlet devices with new dual-inlet devices. In cases like this a Power Transfer Switch (also known as an Automatic Transfer Switch) can help budget conscious managers to easily implement an effective power fallback strategy without the need to replace existing single-inlet devices.

Installation of a Power Transfer Switch is incredibly simple; first, the power transfer switch is connected to a primary power supply and secondary power supply, and then existing single inlet devices are plugged into open outlets on the Power Transfer Switch. In the event that the primary power source fails, the Power Transfer Switch can then quickly switchover to the secondary power supply without interrupting service. In most cases, the switchover is so rapid that system end-users are unaware that there was even a problem.

Advanced Power Transfer Switch products also offer the option to automatically switch back to the primary power supply when the Power Transfer Switch determines that the primary power supply has returned to normal operation. This sort of configuration assures that connected devices are constantly supplied with power, even when one of the available power supplies fails completely.

In addition to eliminating expenses associated with replacing existing single-power-inlet devices, a power redundancy solution based on a Power Transfer Switch also saves time by eliminating the need to configure newly purchased dual-inlet devices for compatibility with the rest of your application. Although Power Transfer Switches are generally associated with network equipment applications, there are also many other applications that can benefit from the presence of a Power Transfer Switch. In fact, the Power Transfer Switch provides a perfect solution for just about any AC powered application that includes single-power-inlet devices yet still requires reliable power redundancy or power fallback capabilities.

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