A Drop-In Console Access Replacement for the Cisco 2509

The Cisco 2509 has long been a favorite of network administrators who need an effective, economical solution for remote console access. Unfortunately, since the product’s discontinuation it has become more and more difficult to find working Cisco 2509 units, leading network professionals to seek out alternative solutions for remote console access. If you’re faced with growing console access needs but a lack of viable Cisco 2509 units, you might want to check out WTI’s TSM-DPE series Console Access Servers; a perfect drop-in replacement for the 2509.

In addition to providing the same reliable, remote console access as is provided by the venerable Cisco 2509, the TSM-DPE also includes a host of other features that help to simplify and streamline the process of accessing console port functions on remote network elements. For example, the TSM-DPE includes up-to-date security and authentication features that offer improved protection of sensitive console port command functions. The TSM-DPE also includes sophisticated monitoring and alarm functions not found on older 2509 models that enable network administrators to keep better track of conditions and events at remote network equipment racks. Monitoring features such as temperature alarms, a ping-no-answer alarm and power supply stability monitoring capabilities help administrators to detect and react to potential problems before they interfere with user access to vital network elements.

The TSM-DPE also features dual power inlets and dual Ethernet ports, allowing the TSM to serve applications that require power supply redundancy and out-of-band communication. Connecting a TSM-DPE is also incredibly simple; the modern, modular design of the TSM eliminates the need for AUI to Ethernet Adapters and proprietary Octal cables.

For over a decade, the Cisco 2509 series provided an ideal solution for remote console access, but in spite of these years of reliable service, it was original designed as a multi-purpose router/hub and in truth, it lacked many of the important capabilities provided by a full-featured console server. The TSM-DPE was specifically designed to provide secure, reliable access to remote console port command functions and therefore includes a wide range of features that can help simplify access to console port command functions on remote network elements. Monitoring and alarm capabilities, improved security and authentication, power redundancy compatibility and dual Ethernet ports enable the TSM-DPE to go a step beyond the good, old 2509. Rather than merely providing remote console access, the TSM-DPE is a full-featured remote console management solution.

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