Managing Remote Network Elements in Transportation Applications

In modern Intelligent Transportation Systems, traffic managers rely heavily on a network of sensors, cameras and other devices spread throughout the vast maze of freeways and highways to help keep traffic moving smoothly. These networked devices are used to ensure that traffic signals are operating properly, toll plazas are able to rapidly collect tolls and freeway alert systems continue to monitor traffic and keep drivers informed. When a networked device in an Intelligent Transportation System becomes unresponsive, administrators also need a means to reboot networked transportation system elements without the delays and expenses of a physical service call or truck roll.

When a traffic signal, toll collection device, inductive loop detector or other networked element in a traffic management application fails, the result is often a tie-up caused by the resulting loss of traffic monitoring and control abilities. Without these networked devices, traffic managers are unable to track conditions on streets and highways, toll booths are not able to collect tolls, and traffic signals and traffic cams cease to function. In situations like this, system administrators need a way to immediately address problems with networked devices without waiting for a service team to arrive on site.

WTI’s NPS-3F15 series Network Power Switch provides an efficient, compact solution for rebooting networked elements in remote traffic system control enclosures. When an Ethernet switch, traffic camera, tag reader or other networked device locks up and refuses to communicate, remote administrators can instantly gain secure access to the NPS-3F15 in order to invoke reboot commands, control power switching or check conditions and events at the remote traffic control enclosure. In addition to providing fast, effective control over reboot functions, the NPS-3F15 also features advanced monitoring and alarm functions that can automatically notify administrators when high temperatures, unresponsive devices, power supply problems or other critical conditions and events are detected in remote roadside network equipment boxes.

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