Reboot Network Elements in Intelligent Traffic System Applications

Intelligent Traffic Systems provide a formidable challenge for network administration. A typical Intelligent Traffic System in a large, sprawling metropolitan area might include hundreds or even thousands of roadside network equipment boxes spread across miles of roads, streets and highways. When a network device in one of these roadside enclosures malfunctions, system administrators need a means to quickly reboot the malfunctioning device and restore normal operation before traffic problems result. Fortunately, a Switched PDU can provide administrators with the capability to reboot networked devices in remote roadside equipment boxes, without the delay and expense associated with a physical service call.

In any large, intelligent traffic system, system administrators constantly rely on networked devices in roadside equipment enclosures to provide them with up-to-date information regarding traffic conditions and to respond to emergencies that occur on the roadway. Devices such as traffic cams, inductive loop detection systems and speed detection equipment allow system administrator to detect problems in the highway system, while devices such as variable message signs enable administrators to notify drivers of potential problems on the route ahead. If communication with any of these devices is interrupted by an unresponsive network element, administrators are basically left in the dark, with no way to detect traffic flow problems and no way to alert drivers of hazardous conditions.

A remote reboot solution that includes a switched PDU enables system administrators to quickly restore malfunctioning roadside network elements to normal operating conditions, without waiting for a service team to arrive on site to correct the problem. This ensures that problems in roadside enclosures can be dealt with quickly and effectively, minimizes service outages and helps to make certain that traffic continues to move smoothly … which is of course, exactly what an Intelligent Traffic System is supposed to do in the first place.

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