Remote Reboot Capabilities for Network Devices in Toll Booth Applications

When a networked device in a Toll Booth or Toll Kiosk application locks up or crashes, the results are often traffic tie-ups and lost revenue. If devices such as license plate capture cameras, card scanners and toll collection systems cease to function, cars are left waiting and tolls cannot be collected until the problem is resolved. In cases like this, an immediate fix for the problem is vital; there’s no time to wait for a service team to arrive on site. Fortunately, WTI’s NPS-3F15 Network Power Switches provide remote network administrators with a quick, reliable means to reboot networked devices located in distant toll booths and kiosks.

In addition to providing secure, reliable remote power switching and reboot control, the NPS-3F15 also features powerful security and authentication capabilities, monitoring and alarm capabilities and activity logging capabilities. A versatile user/password directory enables administrators to define specific access rights and power control capabilities for each individual user. Authentication protocols such as Kerberos, LDAP, TACACS+ and RADIUS help to verify the identity of each potential user. Monitoring and alarm features can provide administrators with immediate notification when unacceptably high temperatures, power supply instability, unresponsive devices and other critical conditions and events are detected.

The NPS-3F15 provides a dependable, versatile solution for remote power switching and reboot tasks in both manned and unmanned toll collection applications in a compact package that fits easily into cramped toll booths and kiosks. When equipment problems at remote toll collection sites threaten to disrupt traffic or interrupt toll collection, the NPS-3F15 Network Power Switch enables system administrators to quickly reboot unresponsive devices in order to restore normal operation without the delays, hassles and expense of a service call or truck roll.

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