Repetitive Power Reboot Regression Testing Managed via Visual Basic Script

Although repetitive power reboot regression testing provides product development engineers with an effective tool for detecting software bugs and hardware problems, it can also be an extremely tedious process for those charged with the responsibility of running the test. One way to simplify this sort of testing and avoid the tedium of the test process is to use Visual Basic Script to drive the repetitive power reboot regression test.

Typically, power reboot regression testing involves connecting the device being tested to a switched PDU and then using the switched PDU to initiate a series of power reboot operations. Each time a power reboot cycle is completed, a data collection device connected to the device being tested is used to capture any error messages or status reports that are generated when the device recovers from being powered Off and On. In this type of test, each reboot cycle can either be initiated manually by lab personnel or initiated automatically using Visual Basic script.

When the repetitive power reboot test is controlled via Visual Basic Script, this both frees lab personnel for more important tasks, and also improves the reliability of test results by ensuring that each reboot cycle is performed according to a rigid schedule and that the test procedure continues uninterrupted.

Setting up a Visual Basic controlled power reboot test application is relatively simple, providing that the switched PDU that is used in the test process is capable of supporting control via Visual Basic script. When choosing a switched PDU product for this type of automated test application, it can also be helpful to pick an advanced switched PDU that can also perform other duties that can help simplify and streamline the test procedure. For example, a Switched PDU that includes environmental monitoring capabilities can be very useful in keeping test administrators better informed regarding significant events and conditions that might arise while the test is in process.

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