Using Bash Shell Script to Automate Product Test Lab Applications

During product development, new products are often subjected to a range of tests in order to detect potential hardware flaws and software bugs. These tests can require days or weeks to complete and the nature of the test is often extremely repetitive as the same action is repeated many times over. Repetitive power reboot regression testing provides a good example of a typical product development lab test. In order to streamline this type of repetitive testing, Bash Shell Script can be used to automate the test process.

Bash shell script controlled automation of repetitive power reboot regression testing is helpful for a number of different reasons. For one, automation via Bash Shell Script frees lab personnel for other important tasks. Rather than requiring a human presence to ensure that the test process continues uninterrupted, automation via Bash Shell Script allows the test to run by itself, without human oversight. For another, automation via Bash Shell script improves the continuity and reliability of test results because each power reboot cycle is executed according to a rigid schedule, without the interruption that inevitably occur when the test process is managed by lab personnel.

The key to successfully automating a repetitive power reboot test application is the presence of a switched PDU that supports Bash Shell Script. Compatibility with Bash Shell Script allows the Switched PDU to initiate power reboot cycles in response to script command and also allows operators to employ Bash Shell Script to trigger other capabilities provided by the switched PDU. For example, in some cases, Bash Shell Script can also be used to retrieve status and activity reports from the Switched PDU, or to check monitored conditions such as temperature and power supply stability.

WTI’s VMR-16HD20 series Switched PDUs provide the perfect solution for applications that require repetitive power reboot regression testing to be driven by Bash Shell Script. The VMR-16HD20 provides full support for control via Bash Shell Script, and also includes powerful monitoring and alarm functions that can be used to track conditions and events in the test lab. In addition, the VMR also includes powerful security and authentication features to ensure that access to control of the test procedure remains safe from unauthorized access or interference.

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