A Compact Remote Reboot Solution for Intelligent Transportation System Applications

When working correctly, an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) provides both system administrators and drivers with a clearer picture of traffic conditions on the road ahead. System administrators can monitor traffic levels and potential problems using devices such traffic cams and inductive loop detection systems, and then pass that information along to drivers via variable message signs and radio alerts. When a malfunctioning Ethernet switch or other networked device at a roadside enclosure disrupts network communication with networked ITS elements, administrators need a reliable switched PDU solution for rebooting devices in remote roadside enclosures, before that network outage results in traffic tie-ups.

Roadside equipment enclosures in ITS applications typically include a variety of different networked devices that help system administrators to detect problems and hazards on the roadway. Controls for traffic cameras, inductive loop detection systems and variable message signs (VMS) are housed in remote roadside boxes equipped with an Ethernet switch and network connection. These roadside equipment enclosures have a twofold purpose; first to detect potential traffic problems on highways and streets and second to provide a means for administrators to notify drivers of unsafe conditions, traffic tie-ups and closed off-ramps on the road ahead.

In order to keep a large ITS system up and running, administrators need a solution for out-of-band access to power reboot and switching functions at remote equipment enclosures. A switched PDU in an effective remote reboot solution should support out-of-band communication in order to allow administrators to access reboot capabilities via secondary network, dial-up or broadband when primary network communication is disrupted. In addition, a switched PDU in an ITS power management application also needs to be compact, in order to take up as little space as possible in the already-cramped environment found in most roadside enclosures. WTI’s NPS-3F15 series Switched PDUs provide the perfect solution for power reboot management in roadside equipment enclosures; the NPS-3F15’s compact footprint allows it to easily fit into even most overcrowded equipment enclosures and the NPS also features full support for out-of-band access to power switching and reboot functions.

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