A Console Access Solution to Replace the Vanishing Cisco 2509

For many years, the Cisco 2509 has provided network administrators with an effective, reliable solution for remote console access. Sadly though, due to its discontinuation as a product, the Cisco 2509 has become increasingly difficult to find over the past decade. In fact, Cisco 2509 units have become so rare, that many network administrators have been forced to seek out a replacement for the 2509; especially in applications where a large number of console access devices are required. Fortunately for network professionals who are faced with rapidly growing remote console access requirements, WTI’s TSM-DPE series Console Access Servers provide an ideal replacement for the Cisco 2509.

WTI’s TSM-DPE series Console Access Servers provide the same remote console access capabilities provided by the 2509, occupy the same amount of rack space, and also provide improved power redundancy, network redundancy and monitoring capabilities. The TSM-DPE features dual Ethernet ports for connection to both a primary network and secondary maintenance network to ensure quick access to console port command functions even when the primary network is down. Likewise, the TSM-DPE also includes dual power inlets and a built-in automatic transfer switch to satisfy power redundancy requirements in mission critical applications.

In order to help administrators keep closer tabs on remote network equipment installations, the TSM-DPE also features a powerful collection of event and environmental monitoring functions that can provide immediate notification when high rack temperatures, unresponsive network elements, power supply instability or other potentially harmful conditions are detected. To ensure security, the TSM-DPE also supports advanced security and authentication capabilities, such as an IP address filter, an invalid access alarm, powerful encryption functions and support for popular authentication protocols such as Kerberos, LDAP, TACACS+ and RADIUS.

While the gradual loss of the much beloved Cisco 2509 as a viable console access solution has left more and more network administrators searching for a suitable replacement, it’s fortunate that they won’t have to look very far. WTI’s TSM-DPE series Console Access Servers provide a perfect drop-in solution for the Cisco 2509 while also supplying new tools for tracking conditions at remote equipment sites, plus improved security and authentication … without the hassle and tangles of those darned, old-fashioned octal cables.

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