An Effective Solution for DC Power Redundancy

When a critical DC powered device loses power, it can sometimes cause bigger problems that would be seen if the same device lost power in an AC powered environment. The reason for this is simple: DC powered equipment is most often found in remote environments in industries such as shipping or mining, where the loss of one critical device can often bring an entire operation to a halt. Given the importance of the capabilities provided by network equipment and other electronic devices in these types of environments, a reliable solution for DC power redundancy is absolutely vital.

In any application that depends on the capabilities provided by DC powered devices, an effective DC power fallback/redundancy solution can literally save the day when a power supply fails, by quickly drawing power from a back-up power supply such as a battery or generator system. An intelligently deployed automatic DC power transfer solution ensures that even in the event of power supply failure, critical DC devices continue to function without interruption, and that the vital services provided by DC powered devices such as RF radio controllers, asset tracking systems and alarm systems will still be available when needed.

WTI’s RPC-4850 series DC Power Managers can provide DC applications with reliable DC power fallback, plus remote reboot capabilities, monitoring and alarm functions and event logging capacities all in a single convenient package. In the event that the primary DC power source fails or becomes unstable, the RPC can immediately begin drawing power from a secondary source, with no detectible lapse in operation of attached DC devices. In addition to serving as an effective ATS solution in DC powered applications, the RPC’s alarm and monitoring functions can be employed to keep administrators apprised of unacceptably high rack temperatures, unresponsive devices, power supply problems and other potentially detrimental conditions.

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