Automate Repetitive Power Reboot Regression Testing Using Scripts

Repetitive power reboot regression testing provides product development engineers with a valuable tool for detecting hardware flaws and software buts before releasing a product to the general market. However, as vital as this function is, due to its very nature it’s also an incredibly repetitive task that can often take days or even weeks to complete. One popular solution for relieving some of the tedium of repetitive power reboot regression testing is to automate the process by using scripts to control power reboot and switching functions.

In a typical power reboot regression test application, the product being tested is connected to a switched PDU which is used to initiate a series of power reboot cycles. Each time a reboot cycle is completed, a data collection device collects any error messages or status reports that are generated when the test product powers up after the reboot cycle.

The key factor in automating power reboot regression testing is the presence of a switched PDU that can be controlled using scripts. When the switched PDU supports control by script, this allows test administrators to write looping programs that continually invoke one power reboot cycle after another until the test procedure is complete. Control by script eliminates the need for a constant human presence to oversee the test process and also improves test results by ensuring that each power reboot cycle is performed according schedule, without delays or interruptions in the test procedure.

All WTI Switched PDU products feature full support for a variety of user scripts, providing an ideal solution for script driven repetitive power reboot regression test applications. In addition to providing a script-driven solution for regression testing, WTI Switched PDUs also include a variety of other features that can prove extremely handy in the test environment. Features such as event monitoring and alarm capabilities, temperature monitoring, event logging and advanced security and authentication capabilities work together to provide a secure, reliable solution for automating power reboot regression testing.

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