Google Integrates ‘Search Google for this Image’ Feature in Chrome

This sounds sort of handy in a way, but it also sounds like a good way to find a whole lot of images that you weren’t really looking for …

If you are using the Google Chrome web browser regularly or occasionally, you may have noticed a new “search Google for this image” feature that Google has implemented into the browser recently. The feature enables Chrome users to search for similar images on Google. This is done by right-clicking an image on any website, and selecting the search Google for this image context menu item.

google images

You are then redirected to a list of image search results presented to you by Google Images.

This can be useful in numerous situations. Maybe you are the creator of a photo or image and want to find sites that have used it without your permission. Or, you have found the image out of context and want to know more about it.  Lastly, it also enables you to find larger versions of the image, which can be useful if you want to make it your new wallpaper or use it otherwise.

The page not only displays similar images or other sizes of the image you searched for, but also websites that have used it. You may use it to look up information about popular places, people or other interesting things.

Using the image search in Google Chrome

search google for this image

search Google for this image

The feature mimics the search by image feature that Google added some time ago to Google Images. Here you need to click on the camera icon on the Google Images page to display the search for image options.

Either paste an image url into the search form there, or upload an image from your local system instead. The native integration in Chrome replicates the “paste image url” option.

It speeds up the process as you do not have to copy the image address first, go to Google Images, click on the photo icon, and paste the url of the image into the form there.

Basically it automates the process for you.

Google Chrome users had to install an extension previously for that functionality. It is interesting to note that Firefox users can install a similar extension in their web browser for the exact same functionality.


It is just a little feature that Google has integrated into the Chrome browser natively, and while some may argue that it should not have been integrated in the browser because of the extension, it may introduce new users to the feature who never bothered to look for an extension for that functionality.

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