Script Driven Power Reboot Regression Testing for Product Development Lab Applications

In the product development lab, power reboot regression testing provides engineers with a means for detecting product design flaws before releasing a product to market. Although this procedure can be very helpful in working the bugs out of a product before marketing, repetitive power reboot regression testing is also deadly boring and extremely time consuming. One way to streamline the repetitive power reboot test process and eliminate some of the innate tedium of the process, is to use a script-driven PDU to initiate each power reboot cycle.

The repetitive nature of power reboot regression testing makes it an ideal candidate for automation using script. In this case, automation coupled with the presence of a switched PDU eliminates the need for constant human oversight of the test process, thereby saving man-hours and freeing lab personnel to perform other more important functions. In a typical application, the product (or products) being tested draw power from a switched PDU that can be controlled by script. Next, the test product is connected to a data collection device in order to capture any error reports or status message that are generated as the test product recovers from each reboot cycle. The process of rebooting the test product is initiated by a user script, sent to the switched PDU to constant initiate one power reboot cycle after the next until the test is complete.

The key element in a successful automated repetitive power reboot regression test application is a switched PDU that can be controlled by scripts such as Bash Shell Script, Linux Shell Script, Perl Script, Python Script, Ruby Script, TcL Script, Visual Basic or other popular scripting languages. Ideally, the switched PDU device chosen for an automated power reboot regression test application should also provide other functions to help test administrators to better track the test process. For example, a switched PDU that supports monitoring and alarm functions can notify administrators when high temperatures, unresponsive devices, and other noteworthy conditions are detected; drastically improving the test procedure by providing notification of outside factors that may have influenced test results.

WTI Switched PDU’s provide a perfect solution for automated repetitive power reboot test applications. In addition to providing support for the popular scripting languages listed previously, WTI Switched PDU products also feature versatile monitoring and alarm capabilities to help monitor the test process, plus powerful security and authentication features to ensure that remote communication with the Switched PDU is securely protected from unauthorized access.

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