A DC Power Redundancy Solution with Remote Power Switching and Reboot Capabilities

An effective power redundancy solution is an essential part of any critical electronic application. For example, in DC powered applications in the maritime industry, power redundancy helps to ensure that devices such as RF radio controllers, navigation systems and asset tracking systems are always available when needed. In cases like this, a DC power redundancy solution improves the reliability of critical electronic devices by ensuring that devices will immediately begin to draw power from a secondary power source in the event of problems with the primary power source.

In addition to ensuring that power is always available to critical devices, an effective DC power redundancy solution often offers other features that help administrators to manage power and keep track of conditions and events at remote equipment sites. If a DC power redundancy solution also supports power switching and reboot capabilities, this allows administrators to remotely reboot unresponsive devices without the need for a service call, or switch off DC powered devices during periods when they are not needed.

Likewise, if a DC power redundancy solution includes remote monitoring and alarm capabilities, this allows administrators to keep a closer watch on high temperatures, unresponsive devices, power supply problems and other potentially significant conditions at remote sites without the need to travel to the site and check out these conditions in person. Some advanced DC power redundancy devices can also notify administrators via email, SNMP trap or text message when temperatures or other factors exceed user-defined trigger levels.

WTI’s RPC-4850 series DC Powered ATS products provide reliable DC power fallback for critical electronic devices, plus also allow remote control of power switching and reboot functions at distant DC powered equipment sites. In addition, the RPC-4850 DC powered ATS also includes a versatile assortment of monitoring and notification features to provide administrators with a tool for tracking potentially harmful conditions and events at remote equipment sites. The RPC-4850 combines power redundancy, power reboot, power switching and monitoring capabilities in a single compact product, to provide the ideal solution for DC power redundancy and remote management.

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