An Effective Power Fallback Solution for DC Powered Applications

In any mission critical electronic application, power redundancy provides an effective means to minimize system downtime by ensuring that power is always available to vital electronic devices, even in the event of power supply problems. Although power redundancy and fall back solutions are relatively common in the AC powered world, off-the-shelf DC power redundancy solutions are sometimes a bit harder to come by.

One effective solution for DC power redundancy is WTI’s RPC-4850 series DC Powered ATS units, which incorporate both DC power redundancy and remote power switching and reboot capabilities in a single, economic package. In the event of power supply failure, the RPC-4850 can rapidly switch over to a secondary, back-up power supply, without detectable interruptions in service. When DC powered devices in remote equipment enclosures crash or become unresponsive, the RPC-4850 also provides the ability to remote reboot these devices, restoring normal operation without the need for tech support personnel to travel to the remote side in order to deal with the problem in person.

In addition to power redundancy and remote power switching/reboot functions, the RPC-4850 also includes a robust assortment of security and authentication features to protect remote access to power switching and reboot functions, plus powerful monitoring and alarm capabilities to help system administrators keep better track of conditions and events at remote DC powered sites. Authentication protocols such as Kerberos, LDAP, TACACS+ and RADIUS work to verify the identity of each potential user, while security features such as FIPS 140-2 level encryption and HTTPS/SSL Secure Web compatibility help to ensure that all communication with remote units is safe from unauthorized interception. In order to better serve the needs of larger DC powered applications that involve multiple RPC units spread throughout corporate infrastructure, the RPC-4850 also comes with effective, user-friendly enterprise management software that provides a single interface that can be used to control, sort, locate and monitor RPC units and other compatible WTI devices.

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