Control Power Switching and Reboot Functions at Remote Equipment Sites

An effective remote reboot solution enables administrators to restart unresponsive devices at remote sites without the delay or expense of a physical service call or truck roll. If the remote reboot solution also includes out-of-band communication capabilities, then this allows access to remote reboot functions even when normal network communication is unavailable. In most remote reboot applications, a Switched PDU is used to provide remote power switching and reboot capabilities.

A well deployed switched PDU provides administrators with a reliable means to reboot remote devices and control power switching at distant equipment sites, even when primary network communication is down. When a switched PDU includes out-of-band management capabilities, this provides remote administrators with a means to control power switching and reboot functions when normal network communication is not available. Typically, out-of-band management relies on either a secondary network that runs parallel to the primary network, dial-up communication or broadband. A workable means of out-of-band communication is essential in any remote management application, in that it allows administrators to reboot critical devices such as Ethernet switches or firewalls when those devices have crashed or become unresponsive and have brought down communication via the primary network.

In addition to providing remote reboot and power On/Off switching capabilities, a well-designed switched PDU often supports other functions that can help to simplify the task of managing remote networked equipment. For example, if the switched PDU includes monitoring and alarm functions, this can enable administrators to track high temperatures, unresponsive devices, current consumption and other important conditions and events at the remote site. In addition to providing notification when these potentially harmful conditions are detected, a full-featured switched PDU product will often feature the ability to automatically reboot or switch remote devices when specific conditions or events are detected at the remote site.

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