Having Trouble Finding Cisco 2509 Units? Here’s an Alternative Out-of-Band Access Solution

Although network engineers have long relied on the Cisco 2509 as a solution for out remote console access, Cisco 2509 units have become increasingly hard to find since it’s discontinuation as a product in 2004. A determined search might turn up two or three Cisco 2509 units here and there, but the task of finding sufficient quantities of 2509 units to support a large scale network application has become nearly impossible. Fortunately, WTI’s TSM-DPE series Console Access Servers provide a perfect drop-in replacement for the venerable Cisco 2509.

The TSM-DPE provides secure, reliable access to console port command functions on remote network elements, plus upgraded power redundancy, network redundancy and monitoring capabilities all in a single, compact 1U device. In addition to providing the same out-of-band access capabilities as the 2509, the TSM-DPE also supports advanced security and authentication protocols to ensure that remote access to vital console command functions is adequately protected from unauthorized access. In order to improve reliability and minimize downtime, the TSM-DPE includes dual Ethernet ports to allow connection to both a primary user network and a secondary maintenance network; this presents an ideal out-of-band management solution, plus provides an alternative avenue for port access for maintenance and tech support purposes.

Dual power inlets and a built in ATS provides the TSM with state of the art power redundancy capabilities to minimize downtime and ensure uninterrupted access to remote console ports even in the event of power supply problems. Sophisticated monitoring capabilities allow the TSM-DPE to immediately notify system administrators when high temperatures, unresponsive devices, power supply instability and other significant events and conditions are detected at the remote site. This enables administrators and tech support personnel to detect and address small problems before they interfere with operations at the remote site, allowing a more proactive approach to network management.

It’s always disappointing when a trusted friend like the Cisco 2509 gradually disappears after discontinuation, but take heart; WTI’s TSM-DPE series Console Access Servers can provide the same secure, reliable out-of-band access capabilities plus additional power and network fallback and remote monitoring functions in a convenient, 1U, drop-in solution. The TSM-DPE is also fully supported, regularly updated and available in quantities to meet the needs of any console access application imaginable.

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