Reboot Networked Elements in Roadside Equipment Enclosures

If you look for them, you’ll find roadside equipment enclosures along just about every road and highway in the nation. Although these nondescript grey metal boxes are easy to overlook, they perform a wide variety of extremely vital functions; from timing traffic signals to controlling highway message boards to measuring traffic levels on heavily used streets. Roadside equipment enclosures play an important role in ensuring the uninterrupted flow of traffic. When a networked devise in a roadside equipment enclosure fails or crashes, system administrators need a reliable means to remotely reboot devices in roadside enclosures without an expensive, time-consuming service call.

The most common remote reboot solution for roadside equipment enclosure applications is the switched PDU. A well-designed, intelligently deployed switched PDU enables traffic system administrators to quickly reboot Ethernet Switches, inductive loop detector control hardware and other critical devices. Unfortunately, given the cramped nature of many roadside enclosures, a standard 1U rack-mountable switched PDU is often impractical for use in roadside enclosures due to its size and a shortage of space within the enclosure. In addition, traffic engineers need an enterprise-wide reboot solution, capable of controlling reboot functions at hundreds of enclosures scattered across a city or county.

WTI’s NPS-3F15 series Network Power Switches provide the perfect fit for remote reboot applications in roadside equipment enclosures. In addition to enabling remote reboot and power switching functions in an extremely compact package that fits easily into even the most crowded enclosure, the NPS-3F15 also includes enterprise management firmware that simplifies the task of controlling reboot functions in a host of individual enclosures throughout a large traffic network. This enterprise management software includes unique tagging and inventory management functions that simplify the task of locating the desired enclosure and directing power switching and reboot commands to the correct enclosure or rebooting devices in several different equipment enclosures with a single command.

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