Tabs are Back! Yahoo Restores Tabs on its Email Service, Yahoo Mail

I’ve never used Yahoo Mail myself, but it’s nice to see that Yahoo is actually listening to its users …

Yahoo launched a redesign of the company’s email service Yahoo Mail in October 2013. Advertised as an elegant and intuitive version of the service, it introduced a complete redesign of the website. In addition to the launch, Yahoo made the decision to remove all old classic versions of the interface, so that users of it had to use the new service if they wanted to access their emails on the Web.

Existing users were quite unhappy with several of the changes that were made in the process. Especially the removal of the tabbed interface was criticized by many.

While it was possible to restore the tabbed interface temporarily, it was not possible to enable the feature permanently anymore.

Tabs are Back

Yahoo announced today that it made the decision to restore the tabs functionality on Yahoo Mail. While not enabled by default, users of the service can enable tabs again on the service in the following way:

  1. Locate the View menu on top of the list of emails on the Yahoo Mail website.
  2. Click on View, and select Tabs under Multitasking.

This enables tabs again which has the following effect according to Yahoo:

Emails you want to read, emails you are composing, Calendar and Contacts all appear as individual tabs. If you use the preview pane, double-clicking an email will open it in a tab.

In other words: when you enable the new tabs feature on Yahoo Mail, nearly everything you open opens in a new tab on the site. This includes emails that you open, but also other information such as the contacts list or the Calendar.

Note: The feature is being rolled out in the next couple of days. If it is not enabled for you yet — which you know if Multitasking or Tabs are not listed under the View menu — then you need to wait until the new feature is enabled for your account.

Tabbed browsing is great enough, but it is not the only improved that Yahoo announced today. When you click on the arrow icon next to the listed tabs, you not only see a list of contents currently opened in tabs, but also a preview all link.


If you click on it, all tabs are displayed in thumbnail form on a new tab preview page. All emails and other pages opened in tabs are displayed here, similar to how browsers display a selection of websites on new tab pages.

If you prefer, you can invoke the feature by hitting ESC on the keyboard and clicking on the little icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

The recently introduced Recent view mode is still available, so that you have the choice between it and the new tabbed email interface.

Closing Words

The return of a tabbed email interface was one of the most requested features that Yahoo Mail users had after the launch of the redesigned interface.

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