Bank Branch Offices Reduce Network Downtime


A large US-based bank has a vast number of branch office locations across the country in which each has a small installed base of Cisco routers, switches and firewalls to support the daily operational activities & transactions at each location.

Many of the branch offices are located in areas that are subject to severe weather which creates network outages. During adverse weather conditions, several branch office locations lost primary network access. This in-band outage prompted the bank to find a reliable solution to trouble-shoot & manage the network hardware in these branch locations during the network outage through out-of-band tools.


The bank tested and approved the WTI RSM-8R8-1 combo console server with PDU power control and internal modem. The RSM-8R8-1 combines serial and IP-based console management and remote PDU power reboot capabilities for remote administration via SSH, WEB or dial up modem (Analog Line) during a network outage. The WTI unit they have deployed in the branch locations has allowed them to:

  • Provide both in and out of band access using Ethernet and dial up modem capabilities
  • Provide remote PDU reboot capabilities to unlock unresponsive network equipment after an outage or failure to restore backed-up configuration upgrades
  • Use free WTI Enterprise Software using a web interface that provides single point of access to control all WTI network elements at all locations
  • 5 year warranty has lower cost of ownership than competitive console server out of band solutions
  • PDU include ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) power inputs to switch between primary and secondary power sources when running on UPS or commercial power during an outage or when UPS batteries begin to fail
  • Includes free temperature monitoring for high or low conditions with alarming via SNMP, email or text message

Remote Console Access Plus Power Switching and Reboot Control


The RSM-8R8-1 with internal dial up modem assures the bank branch locations that even if the primary network connection is lost, critical functions are able to continue until the NOC restores full network capabilities. This solution reduces network downtime and provides a reliable dial-in connection from anywhere the service techs are located.

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