Manage All Custom Zoom Levels in Google Chrome

Here’s a neat trick: I was already aware that one could use the Control key to zoom in or out on a given webpage, but I didn’t realize that you could save zoom settings for the sites that you visit frequently.

One handy feature that every modern web browser — including Google Chrome — supports is page zoom. It is a handy feature for a number of reasons. It enables you to decrease or increase all contents of a web page. This can be handy if a web page does not fit in the browser window otherwise, for instance if you need to scroll horizontally to access all contents or if things are not aligned properly on it, or to increase the size to improve the readability of text and other textual contents such as links on it.

Probably the easiest way to zoom in Google Chrome is to hold down the Ctrl-key and use the mouse scroll wheel to do so. If you move it up, you increase the size of content by 10%, while moving it down has the opposite effect.

Chrome displays information about the scroll status in its interface. Here you not only see the current zoom level, but get an option to reset it to its default value 100%.

Instead of using the mouse, you can also use the keyboard only (Ctrl+ or Ctrl-) which increase the zoom level in 25% steps, or the Chrome menu where zoom options are also displayed to you.


What you cannot do is manage all zoom levels of the browser. While you can manage individual levels by visiting the website in question, it may not be an optimal solution depending on how many custom zoom levels you have configured in the web browser.

Google has added a new feature to its browser that lets you manage all custom zoom levels from the preferences in Google Chrome.

You can either open the page chrome://settings/contentExceptions#zoomlevels directly in Chrome, or click on menu > settings > show advanced settings > content settings > Zoom levels manage instead.

manage zoom levels google chrome

Here you find all custom zoom levels listed along with the hostname they are valid on. The only option that you have here at the moment is to delete a custom zoom level.

An option to change the level of zoom would have been handy, but is currently not implemented.

There is no option to add hostnames to the list,  something which could be useful to some users as well.

Last but not least, a reset all option could also be useful.

Please note that the new feature landed in Chrome Canary and Dev right now. It will take some time — as usual — before it makes its way to the beta and stable versions of the browser.

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