Secure Out-of-Band Console Access via Dual Ethernet For Financial Applications


One of the largest North American credit card companies has data centers across the world that house a large installed base of 10G firewalls, IDS sensors, load balancers and routers that support its day-to-day security operations activities. The credit card company has a requirement to be able to securely manage these devices out of band when the primary network path is unavailable.

The NOC team wanted to implement the latest security protocols, logging capability and connectivity options for both in-band and out-of-band management appliances. The company also wanted the console server to have dual Ethernet ports , simultaneous log-in, radius security authentication, event logging and alarming, and enterprise management software to manage all of their out-of-band management equipment through a single portal.


The credit card company tested and approved the WTI TSM-24-DPE Dual Ethernet console server which combines serial-based console management with remote IP administration via SSH or web-to-CLI using WTI enterprise management software. The unit that was specified for deployment allowed the NOC team to:

  • Provides both in and out of band access using Dual Ethernet access capabilities
  • Increases security communicating to network elements by authenticating & logging user access and automatically generating audit logs and alarms
  • Included free WMU Enterprise Software using a web interface that provides single point of access to all WTI network elements
  • 5 year warranty helped lower total cost of ownership than competitive console servers & out of band solutions
  • Allows users to have simultaneous access via Ethernet and administrator “View Port” rights on all connected console ports

Secure Out-of-Band Access with WTI Dual Ethernet Console Server


The WTI TSM-24-DPE met the credit card company needs for out-of-band management by offering a user friendly solution, high functionality and valuable feature sets unmatched in any other console server. The credit card company is now able to cost effectively provide secure remote out-of-band console access to its network elements from anywhere in the world.

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