Microsoft Extends Windows 8.1 Update Deadline to June 10th

Windows 8.1 users should take heed, and download the update (if they haven’t done so already)

When Microsoft released the first feature update for Windows 8.1, which it called Windows 8.1 Update, it announced that it would stop releasing updates for Windows 8.1 without that update shortly after release. This meant that Windows 8.1 users had to install the feature update on their system to receive future updates after that point in time. This makes it a mandatory update for all users of Windows 8.1 — but not Windows 8 — as it leaves the system vulnerable to security issues if not updated.

We have reviewed Windows 8.1 Update and found it to be a step in the right direction, even though it has its issues. But none of those issues break core functionality, and for the majority there is not really any reason not to upgrade to it right away.

This is especially true for mouse and keyboard users as Microsoft introduced several new features that improves the usability of the operating system if you use these input devices.

Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc announced today that the company made the decision to extend the deadline by 30 days to June 10th.

This means that Windows 8.1 users who have not yet updated to Update 1 will receive this month’s security patches and updates, and any patch that gets released for the next 30 days afterwards.

windows 8.1 update

Microsoft’s original intention was to deliver this month’s updates to Windows 8.1 users and block any future updates to those systems afterwards.

The reason for the change of heart seems to be that there seems to be a sizable number of systems that have not been updated yet. Considering that those systems would be left vulnerable if Microsoft would stop the production of patches for the system, it suggests that Microsoft’s must have analyzed update metrics and come to the conclusion that it is in the best interest of the company and its users to extend the update deadline.

Microsoft has created a support page that offers information about the update and error messages that you may receive when you try to update the operating system.

Among other things, information to resolve the following errors and codes are offered:

  • Code 0x80073712
  • Code 0x800F0923
  • Error: We couldn’t complete the updates. Undoing changes. Don’t turn off your computer.
  • Error: Failure configuring Windows Updates. Reverting changes.

Enterprise customers do not have to worry about that time frame, as theirs has been extended by 120 days in April 2014 already. This means that system administrators have until August 12th to apply the new update to systems that are manged using WSUS, Windows Intune, or System Center Configuration Manager.

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