Opera 21 – Always Display Full URL in Address Bar

Shortened URLs frustrate me to no end; before I click on a link, I want to know exactly where it will take me … not just the domain name and protocol.

The most recent stable version of the Opera browser can display full page urls at all times now in the browser. Some web browsers display only partial urls instead of full web addresses. If you run a search using an older version of the Opera browser, and then the same search in Firefox, you may notice that the addresses that are displayed in the browsers are not identical.

In fact, the behavior is still default in the most recent versions of the browser. Opera displays the address only partially in the address bar, and reveals the full url only when you click it.

While that may look nicer, it also means another step for users who want to look at the page url for whatever reason. While the partial url highlights the domain and protocol used, it may sometimes be of interest to check the full address as well.

Google is running an experiment in Chrome currently that cuts of addresses as well.


opera partial url

opera full url

Starting with Opera 21, it is now possible to modify the behavior so that the full address is always displayed in the Opera web browser.

Here is what you need to do to enable the feature:

  • Open the Opera web browser and select Opera > About to make sure you are running at least version 21.
  • Select Opera > Settings, loadĀ opera://settings/ or use Alt-P for fast access to the settings.
  • Scroll all the way down until you find the “Show advanced settings” preference.
  • Check the box and you will notice that several new preferences become available. All preferences marked with a dot in front of them are considered advance.
  • Scroll up a bit until you find user interface. Here you need to enable the “show full URL in combined search and address bar” preference.
  • The change becomes active immediately and you will see full addresses at all times when you are using the Opera web browser.
  • To undo the change, repeat the steps above but uncheck the box instead of checking it.
opera full address

Opera preference to show full urls

Closing Words

The main issue that I have with the display of short urls is that I’m no longer in control. The developers decided that urls are complicated, and that most users only need the root domain and protocol, and that is it.

I prefer to see all information at all times, as it puts me in full control.

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