AVG’s Browser Configuration Tool Undoes Browser Changes by AVG Software

This is sort of an interesting development; AVG has come out with a program that can be used to remove toolbars and other third-party software that comes bundled with AVG software.

Nowadays whenever you install a security software on your Windows operating system or another software there is always the chance that third-party software is installed along with it. These offers don’t have to be included by the developer of the software program, as it is quite common as well that download portals wrap programs in custom installers that will install those programs as well if you are not careful.

Probably the most common offer type is a toolbar that is installed in one or multiple browsers that run on the system. There are other types however, from search specific tools to link checkers or programs that change the browser’s homepage or search provider.

If those changes or installations were made in error, meaning that you did not want that to happen in first place, it is often quite cumbersome to remove the software again or restore previous homepage and search settings.

If AVG software was installed on your computer system this way, you can go ahead and clean the system yourself. While experienced users may not have troubles doing so, inexperienced users may not know where to begin or what to do.

The AVG Browser Configuration Tool has been designed to restore the configuration of browsers automatically.

avg browser configuration tool

In particular, it will perform the following operations:

  1. Remove the AVG Security Toolbar and AVG Secure Search.
  2. Reset the home page and search providers settings.

The tool supports all browsers affected by these changes during installation, namely Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Please note that the program will close the browsers should they be open during the process. It is highly recommended to save work before you run the browser configuration tool or close the browsers manually beforehand to avoid any issues that may arise out of the forced termination by the tool.

The program is portable which means that you can run it right after you have downloaded it to your operating system. You can download the tool from AVG’s Knowledge Base.

Manual Removal

If you prefer to remove these programs manually, do the following instead:

  • Press the Windows-key and type uninstall a program and select the first entry from the search results.
  • This opens the uninstall or change a program control panel applet.
  • Locate AVG Security Toolbar or AVG SafeGuard Toolbar in the list and double-click the entry.
  • If you receive an error that programs need to be closed, exit all web browsers before you retry.
  • Make sure to tick the “Revert your browser’s default search provider” box as well in the dialog that comes up.

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